AIR EXPRESS presents itself on the market with over 30 years’ of experience matured in the market of international and domestic distribution, which confirms the company’s success matured with the close interaction established with its client base.


AIR EXPRESS is a fully owned Italian holding that  thanks to the business synergies within its group can provide customers with dedicated services and all around solutions to all that pertains the handeling, stocking and transportation of goods.

The policy of our companies is to maintain  the highest specialization in each of their areas of expertise, providing always dedicated and profiled resources in each operating area to support our customers  in a  qualified manner.



Using its own international network, Air Express can guarantee direct handling of each shipment during the entire transit from shipper to consignee, by entering all data into its own software system using optical barcode readers.


With the development and extension of its network, the rates for the international express product which include pick-up directly from shipper’s premises and delivery to final destination, have been revisited in order to offer the best price and considerable savings to our customers.


Thanks to its own web-based platform, Air Express  can expedite custom procedures and clearances of goods at destination which leads to quicker deliveries. Using the most modern computer researches,  customers can benefit in quick and appropriate answers to all their questions.

Customer Service

Air Express shows all the value of its services thanks to its  customer service always oriented to the maximum flexibility for customer care and thru direct contact with customers. Our customer service is available in order to offer all  needed information that can be useful for the correct routing of your goods, for respecting the customs’ and governmental  rules  and  we confirm our commitment in always monitoring every shipment until  it reaches the consignee’s hands.

We believe that maintaining  direct contact with our customer was, is, and will always be our best value, that make experts in  taking care of all transport needs, and in doing so  relieving our customers from many of the operational requests and duties, while  giving all  our customers  access to all this information  our software system  and supporting them with the assistance